Private and semi-private lessons are available from the professional coaching staff for all levels. Please contact the coach of your choice to make arrangements. All coaching fees are paid directly to the coach. You should expect to be charged for missed lessons if advanced notice is not given to your coach.

Charges for competition & test day, music & other fees should be discussed between coach & parent. PFSC is not responsible for coaches fees.

 Please speak to your coach if you have any questions or concerns.

PFSC Professional Coaches

Becky Hubbard


cell: 613-802-5684

Sabrina Hinson



cell: 250-513-0669

Brenda Mueller


phone: 613-213-1842

Support Coaches:

  • Makayla Markell
  • Annika Squires
  • Lesley Hubbard
  • Kadynn Morrison

Skating Club in Prescott, ON, Canada – member of Skate Canada